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All Natural Meat


Come on in and grab some of the best meat you will put in your mouth. Our All Natural Meat is hormone and antibiotic free and you can taste the difference. So, grab a piece or two and let us know what you think. 



Yep, just like mother nature intended with no antibiotics or hormones added. From Filet Mignon to Ribeyes, we have everything you will need to get your grill smoking. So, drop by and check out our selection.


The Whole Cow


Put a whole cow in your freezer! We take pre-orders on quarters, halves or whole hanging beef. Come by or give us a call at (478) 224-3276 for more info.

All Natural Pork


Get a Tenderloin or a Chop for your grilling pleasures. You can taste the difference with every bite. Stop by and try a few. All of our pork is Antibiotic and Hormone free, and the flavor shows.

Local Honey

Local honey from right down the road. Come in and try a free sample of all natural goodness.

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